zondag 26 december 2010

It's a winter wonderland

Sooo, I got send out of the hospital from friday until mondaymorning to spend the holidays and I had so much fun the past days! I saw my best friend Kimberly back and saw another friend that I hadn't seen back in ages too. Plus, I found time to finally reorden my room a little and throw away some old stuff. (I'll post some pictures of my room later) I'm happy I could spend the weekend with Kimberly, it was so nice! We are already best friends for three years and last week, it was exactly three years and for that she got me a supercute necklace and the GQ magazine! She is so sweet! I'm going to get her present for her soon, I couldn't buy it earlier, sadly. I don't think I have something else to say for now.. I'll miss home when I leave tomorrow morning!

zondag 5 december 2010


Unbelievable how you got underneath my skin, you're like a disease. I cannot get rid of you, there is no cure. There's no medicin that'll take you and the feelings you bring with you away. You're special, you're different, you're unique, you're everything I cannot find in someone else. You're what I need the most and just the one thing that I can't get. You're confusing, you bring so much feelings with you that I don't even know how to describe it sometimes. It's hard, it's suffering but I won't complain. Besides all the hurt, it's the most amazing feeling of all times, the feeling of pure love rushing through your body. The feeling when I have when I see you, when I hear you, when I'm closer to you than else.. It's all worth it. It's something I can't live without.
It's all I live for.

donderdag 25 november 2010


It’s 2AM, I’m thinking about you. I should be asleep.
But I can’t, I have this urge, this high need to talk to you. Of course I could always look at your face on the wall and tell what I want to, but that would be extremely ridiculous and unnecessary.
I wish I could talk to you, talk to you about everything.
And you’d talk to me, you’d talk about everything that happened,
everything that made you laugh and I’d laugh with you. 
I wish I could see you, you and your sparkling eyes.
You and your beautiful smile that makes me feel light headed whenever I see it.
I wish I could hold you, hold you so tight so you’d feel as safe as I would feel at the moment.
I’d protect you with my life and I’d make you know that.
I wish I could fall asleep next to you, look at your sleepy face and your messy hair when you wake up.
Tease you and afterwards fall asleep in your arms again.
So many wishes, so many things flashing in front of my eyes. Is it all just a imagination?
Or is it a view on the future? I don’t know, I shouldn’t think about it.
It’s a half past 2AM, I’m still thinking about you. I should be asleep.

woensdag 24 november 2010

Baby, I was born this way

I went to Lady Gaga!! I still can't believe it after everything that's happening lately. I had such a tiny chance to still go and luckily, it all turned out good in the end! The concert was absolutely amazing, it was even better than I had imagened. I really enjoyed every second of it, it was put together so good! The choreography, the costums, the decor, it really blew me off my socks! Gaga is such a great artist, she said a lot of meaningful things which came straight out of her heart. She is more than 'just a singer'. She really inspires me because she has always stayed true to herself, even though people tried to put her down or didn't let her believe in her dreams. But hey, she is the living proof that if you chase your dreams and do anything for it to achieve them - you can. Of course I have made pictures, but they aren't amazing because I had a seat and my camera fucked up a lot. But anyway, I'll upload some here right away.


Oh and of course I can't forget the opening act: Semi Precious Weapons!
When I bought my ticket, I didn't really know who they were, I already had heard of them because one of my friends really loves them. I had already listened to some songs on the internet and I liked it, so I was also excited to see them. They were also amazing and I'd love to see another concert of them.

While they performed they said they would have a signing session in the hall, which I of course didn't wanna miss. And voila, here I have this unforgetable moment captured on camera! They were so lovely to meet!

zondag 21 november 2010

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows - part 1

Two days ago me and my friend decided to go to the cinema to see this movie. We were so excited! I didn’t really know what to expect since it’s almost the latest movie. But I must say, it was fantastic!  It was so good, I’d love to go see it again! The sad scenes did make me cry, I have to admit. Normally I’m not really a person who cries during movies, but this movie made me tear up several times. A thing I didn’t like about it (and that, I have with all the Harry Potter movies) is that they skipped some nice parts from the book. But besides that it was just amazing. Of course I can’t really tell you how it all went down, otherwise you wouldn’t have a reason to go watch it. But I tell you, go watch it! It’s amazing and I’m definitely sure you’ll like it!